Monday, 20 July 2015

National Young Women of Distinction!

Haven't posted in a while, it's been quite an eventful week! First off, wanted to share the good news :) I was selected as a National Young Women of Distinction 2015. This prestigious community service award  is given to 10 girls in high school/college across America who have demonstrated high level of positive both globally and locally. I was incredibly honored to be selected!

Village Gov. School Photos

Tree Plantation Day on July 1st

July 1st was national tree plantation day in India. I was fortunate enough to see and participate in the festivities. I went to the village and planted trees with all of the children. Check out pics below!

A picture of the village

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mental Strength

Strength comes in different forms: mental and physical. To approach physical strength, one needs mental strength. This isn't a new concept and many of us already know this fact. However, through my training both as a student and an instructor, I've seen that having physical strength, better worded, confidence and a lack of fear in your physical ability, actually creates mental confidence and strength.

Something I try to do a few times a week before class is mediation. This increases one's concentration and allows the mind to become strong and calm.

Dr. Kiran Bedi

On July 1st, I had the great honor to meet the fantastic woman, Kiran Bedi. I contacted her last December for a project in India and she connected me to her organization.

Kiran Bedi is the first female woman to join the Indian Police Service.  She founded Navjyoti India Foundation in 1987. NIF has helped over 50,000 people in rural communities ranging from programs such as Drug Dependency Reduction, Women empowerment, Community Development, Rural Growth Sector, and more. This great nonprofit is absolutely amazing. I have the great honor to partner with them and contribute to their vision to challenge the socioeconomic inequalities and enable society towards self reliance.

 Bedi was also the BJP Chief Minister candidate for Delhi elections this year. She was honored by the UN for her outstanding service and Women of the Year (twice!). Her passion and dedication towards helping the poor and maintaining justice in society is exceptional. She is an absolute rockstar and my #1 idol.

She said something very important to me. Something I'll remember for the rest of my life. When I asked how I can take the movement towards safety for women to reach new heights in India. She responded:
"You want to make a change? Start with 6. Then expand it. 60, 600, 6000. Soon you'll have a 6 million girl revolution. You can do this. Just keep going."

Thank you for the encouragement. You will continue inspiring me for the rest of my life.


New School!

Hey guys! Sorry for the horrible one week gap!! I didn't have internet for a few days, so didn't get the chance to update the blog!

Anyways, I started at a new school last Wednesday, July 1st at a Gov't Sr. Secondary School only for Girls. I taught girls from the grades 9-12. Check out some pics below!

Starting off the morning with some stretching!

End of class, the girls convinced me to show them a nun chuck demonstration. I was a little rusty, but it was fun!
It was amazing to the reaction of the girls after the first few days. One class was even so jam packed that we had to remove all of the desks surrounding the room. BTW, a room full of 110 (ish) girls exercising and with the body heat makes the room super hot!! But you get used to it. I've learned from these girls, many of whom who live in very poor conditions and in rural setting, that you need mental strength to adapt and overcome to truly make a difference.

Had the girls make two lines and have each of them come on stage to do combination kicking, punching techniques.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

More Pics!

Teaching self defense techniques.

Quick glimpse of the village , women and children

Lotki village girls listening