Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My First Impression of the Village-

I arrived to Delhi, India on June 24th. 

I first visited one of the villages the very next day to set up for the classes. I couldn't stop looking out of the car window. I saw so many fascinating sights. For instance, there was a mob of about 30 cows lead by an elderly, crippled man dressed completely in white, rural women with very traditional clothing who carried large bowls on their heads, and huts made of dirt and cow manure. It was as if I stepped in to a completely different world that was isolated from civilization, technology, and modernization. 

As I continued to observe the villagers, I noticed something intriguing. Despite the rural setting, the villagers seemed to have a striking similarity to the urban world. They were always working. Whether it was working on the fields, a small child carrying milk 10 miles, or herding the goats, the villagers went on with their life with vigor and productivity. I admire the villagers for their ability to  cope with their circumstances. Thinking more about it, it's not them coping with what they're born with but living their life to their fullest in the perspective of their circumstance. Happiness is all a matter of reference frame. I envied and idolize them for their ability to look at the small things in life and find contentment with working hard for feeding their families and accomplishing their endeavors. The standard of living I have grown up with in the USA compared to these villagers seems to break the bonds of reality. It doesn't seem right that some have won the game of the Ovarian Lottery and some have not. But that itself has given me the motivation and strength to work hard to help these women in the village who have not only been born in rural circumstances, but as a highly discriminated gender.  I look forward to the next 6 weeks and hope my work has an impact on these girls and women. 

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